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Want to try a new plane on your next flight? With the help of our interactive database, you can now simply familiarize yourself with existing models, but also compare by manufacturer, class, range, number of places and even technical specifications.

Shown 31 out of 139 aircraft
  • Learjet 75
  • Cessna Citation CJ2+
  • Cessna Citation CJ3
  • Cessna Citation CJ4
  • Learjet 40XR
  • Learjet 45XR
  • Embraer Phenom 300
  • Raytheon Premier 1A
  • Cessna Citation Bravo
  • Cessna Citation CJ1+
  • Cessna Citation Encore+
  • Cessna Citation Ultra
  • Hawker 400XP
  • Learjet 31A
  • Learjet 35
  • SP n Jet
  • Raytheon Premier 1
  • Learjet 45
  • Nextant XT
  • Nextant 400XTi
  • Learjet 35A
  • Learjet 31
  • Learjet 40
  • Cessna Citation CJ1
  • Cessna Citation CJ2
  • Cessna Citation CJ3+
  • Cessna Citation Encore
  • Hawker 400
  • Beechjet 400A
  • Beechjet 400
  • Falcon 100
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