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The GetJet marketplace makes finding and ordering business aviation services easier and more convenient. From being escorted personally to your aircraft, then discovering the comfort and luxury of the cabin, impeccable catering on board and friendly staff will allow you to simply enjoy the flight and admire the views from the aircraft window. We cooperate only with authorized companies that work according to international business aviation standards.

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If you do not want to share space with other passengers, as on Jet Sharing flights, then the Charter option will be the most suitable option. Rent a business jet just for yourself and your loved ones. We will assist you to find the most comfortable way and select a business jet to suit your preferences and budget.

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If you've booked a business jet and don't mind selling some seats, then GetJet will assist finding fellow travelers to join you on your trip. If we manage to find passangers for your flight, then the money from the sale of each seat is returned to you, which sometimes allows you to save up to 90% of the total cost of the flight.

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Empty Legs – empty aircraft that fly in the direction you need. The GetJet system automatically checks availability of current Empty Legs with the schedule of more than 40 operators, so you can charter a business jet with a discount of up to 50%.

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