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Through our unique algorithm GetJet automatically matches the request with empty legs from the schedulling systems of the operator linked to our marketplace. As soon as an economically reasonable option is detected, the user will receive a push-notification with estimated price and description of the aircraft. He then can either request the booking conditions, actual price and book the offered aircraft or continue waiting for more suitable options.

  • What exactly is an Empty Leg?

    This is a flight when the aircraft flies empty. Empty Leg flights can be discounted by up to 50% of the standard prices.

  • What exactly is an Empty Leg?

    Our system automatically reflects actual empty legs from the scheduling system of more than 40 operators. By subscribing to our empty legs, you can be first to receive best offers for your desired routings.

Popular Empty Legs
Frankfurt Cote D'azur
Embraer Legacy 650
Aircraft type: Heavy
13 seats
€ 8,000
Peretola Cote D'azur
Embraer Phenom 300
Aircraft type: Light
6 seats
€ 3,000
Rafic Hariri Larnaca
Embraer Legacy 650
Aircraft type: Heavy
13 seats
€ 6,400
Farnborough Le Bourget
Embraer Legacy 650
Aircraft type: Heavy
13 seats
€ 6,400
Benina Larnaca
Falcon 100
Aircraft type: Light
7 seats
€ 7,930
Hamburg Munchen
Cessna Citation CJ4
Aircraft type: Light
9 seats
€ 4,180
Borispol Riga
Challenger 850
Aircraft type: Heavy
14 seats
$ 6,980
Farnborough Cote D'azur
Challenger 605
Aircraft type: Heavy
12 seats
$ 7,650
Brussels Luton
Cessna Citation Mustang
Aircraft type: Entry level
4 seats
€ 590
Antalya Mandelieu
Cessna Citation Bravo
Aircraft type: Light
8 seats
€ 13,040
Advantages and Disadvantages of Empty Legs


  • Lower prices compared with the standard charter cost of a charter flight
  • The possibility for the GetJet user to upgrade the aircraft type for the trip, due to the lower prices offered vs the standard charter prices.
  • There is no difference in the actual level of service of the flight, if we compare it to the standard rented private jet other than possible time restrictions.


  • Schedule restrictions at times!
  • Availability of empty leg flights are normally last minute
  • Cancellation terms and conditions
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