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About company

GetJet - A team of professionals who developed a unique project to merge flights on business jets. The platform was launched on June 1, 2017 and is focused on B2B.

Since the beginning of the year we have already experienced a 25% growth rate in sold merged flights. Also the amount of our partners is larger than earlier. It is already more than 275 registered company-users from Europe, Russia, Asia, Middle Eastern and America. Herewith number of requests to get a GetJet membership is growing rapidly.

Our story starts back in 2013, the concept of GetJet was thought up and the IT development began! Being a unique platform, many man hours were spent working on the algorithms that would power GetJet today.

In 2014 we purchased our website and registered as a company, we became a step closer to launching after the hard work of our IT department.

In 2015 and through to 2016, we extensively tested our software. We spent most of our man hours tweaking and developing the concept to assist brokers.

In April 2018, we are releasing a mobile application to enhance our services, making it more convenient and user friendly.

Our Team
Alexander Koninsky Co-Founder 7 985 410 26 62
Dmitry Fesenko Executive Director 7 915 234 00 55
Roberto Hlaca Vice President Sales & Marketing 3 56 993 011 32
Ivan Pavlov Sales Director Russia & CIS 7 985 240 45 46
Youlia Somova Sales Director EU +356 997 04 456
Nadezhda Zaichenko Senior Account Executive 7 915 210 84 10
Alyona Capanji Senior Account Executive 7 910 482 08 22
Erdos Usenov Account Executive 7 915 204 97 70
Sergey Abramov Merge Supervisor 7 985 410 55 99
Victoria Glotova International Marketing & Brand Manager 7 929 940 51 02

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