GetJet Marketplace is a unique search engine for cost-effective solutions for those that use business aviation. Price offers allow a customer to receive and book attractive and very competitive offers from numerous professional brokers, operators and jet owners for your particular flight.

Through our smart search engine a user can rent separate private jets and purchase individual seats through the jet-sharing feature designed for those open for having additional company onboard a flight.

GetJet Marketplace Features

Private Jet Search and Book

You rent a private jet for a reason! The Schedule and desired level of comfort are up to you.

Empty Leg Search and Book

You can find an Empty Leg that could be much cheaper than a standard jet rental , because operators sell empty leg flights at good discounted prices. Our technology ensures that you know about this empty leg the moment it appears with the operator.

Jet Sharing Search and Book

Share a jet with other jet users!
You can rent one seat or the whole section with a sofa, if you are not against sharing a jet with a few other individual guests.

Top management team
Roberto Hlaca Vice President Sales & Marketing
Alexander Koninsky Co-founder
Dmitry Fesenko Co-founder

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