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GetJet is a marketplace for business aviation services and is a member of ACA, EBAA, MBAA, NBAA, RUBAA and is also Licensed with Malta Tourism Authority. We have been offering various formats of business jet flights since 2017.

Jet Sharing

Booking by seat. You get all the benefits of business aviation and share the cost of the flight with the other passengers.

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Sale of half or part of the seats on an already confirmed flight. Benefit for chartering an aircraft of up to 90%.

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Charter of the whole aircraft. The entire flight is organized according to your individual preferences.

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Empty Legs – empty aircraft that fly in the direction you need. The GetJet system automatically checks for an Empty Leg with the schedules of more than 40 operators, so you can rent a business jet with a discount of up to 50%.

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Company management
Roberto Hlaca Director
Aleksandr Koninsky Project co-founder
Dmitry Fesenko Project co-founder
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