What is jet sharing?

Share a jet with other individuals! If you travel alone or would simply like to save money why not share a jet with someone else? Jet Sharing could be the right choice for you!

You can purchase just 1 seat

Or several seats or the whole section with a sofa

GetJet provides its Club members with 3 alternatives of Jet Sharing



Jet Sharing is your ideal choice, if you are

A passenger that wishes to save on a renting a jet by purchasing an available seat

You already have chartered a jet and would like to save money by selling empty seats in it.

Business Traveller

Jet Sharing is a perfect option for networking. During the flight you can set up useful contacts and establish new working relationships.

Family with kids

Jet Sharing is in great demand by families as to rent a business jet for 2 families might be a very wise decision considering the costs for regular flights, vip-services and catering.

Romantic Couple

Would you like to start your dream vacation in luxury already at the airport?
Then choose Jet Sharing which provides all advantages of business aviation for a much lower price through sharing the costs with other passengers on board.

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