Vision SF50
Characteristics of Vision SF50
Aircraft type Very light jet
Flight range 1 850 km (1 150 miles)
Number of seats 4-6
Manufacturer Cirrus Aircraft
Cruising speed 555 km/h (345 miles/h)
Baggage space 0.88 m3 (2.89 ft 3)
Cabin height 1.24 m (4.07 ft)
Cabin width 1.56m (5.12ft)
Technical characteristics
  • Flight maximum altitude 8 534m
  • Maximum take-off weight 2 727kg
  • Crew 1
  • Cabin length 3.33m (10.93ft)
  • Cabin width 1.56m (5.12ft)
  • Cabin volume
  • Aircraft length 9.02m (29.59ft)
  • Aircraft height 3.05m (10.01ft)
  • Wing span 11.73m (38.49ft)
  • Engine manufacturer Williams
  • Number of engines 1pcs.
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Flight range Vision SF50

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