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Мы запустили программу привилегированного
членства для путешествий на бизнес-джетах

Flying on private jets has now become more cost effective and affordable. You can not only have a rest in the sky, but also find a business partner that shares your visions and interests.

GetJet предлагает новый подход к перелетам!

GetJet offers…
Exceptional service in the
sky and on the ground
A concierge 24/7
A tailor-made journey
Advanced technology to assist
and aid the booking process
What are the benefits of the
GetJet Club membership?
Advanced technology communication via our App and other social media channels.
Flights with influential people that share your travel values and visions
Возможность бронировать самолет покресельно в формате GETJETSHUTTLES, GETJETDEALS и GETJETSHARING
Invitations to exclusive events at great locations around the world
Conditions for joining
the Club
1 monthsubscription
€290 1 month
€3 480 1 year
12 monthsubscription
€190 1 month
€2 280 1 year
We’ll accommodate you on the most
convenient way of travelling for you!
Регулярные маршруты по популярным
направлениям с другими членами клуба
  • Jet booking per seats
  • Fixed value of a seat
  • Guaranteed flights
  • Popular destinations
Мы найдем попутчиков на ваш рейс и вернем
реальные деньги, сократив ваши расходы за
Citation XLS By max aircraft load
of such category
-50% from flight cost
Challenger 300 By max aircraft load
of such category
-70% from flight cost
Legacy 600 By max aircraft load
of such category
-90% from flight cost
Станьте инициатором рейса, выберите маршрут,
дату, время и найдите попутчиков среди членов

A minimum 6 passengers
are needed to confirm a flight

In case the minimum number of seats to achieve the JetShare is not met, we are able to hold a Business class commercial flight as a back up plan for your needs.

Make your choice and let
each flight be special!
a suitable plan
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