If you are a broker or an operator, we look forward to discussing our potential partnership. GetJet’s vision is Global coverage. We are open to implementing new technologies and ideas into our platform to deliver improved services and products to our customers.

One of the most advantageous options of the GetJet marketplace is the Empty Leg feature.


A partnership with us, is an additional opportunity to make the sales process more efficient and lucrative by increasing your potential revenue with less manual input.

Operators empty leg flights are entered only by direct API feeds from the operators scheduling software. So the empty legs seen in the Get Jet marketplace are live empty legs that are available for purchase and re- sale to your valued clients.

Currently the following scheduling software integrated with GetJet: LEON, Flexx, FOS, BART, Flight Aware and AviSched.


Automated feeds from operators (Via API) ensure the available empty legs shown for brokers are in fact in real time.

The broker creates a request in his personal account by routing, date, time and type of aircraft. The search engine then performs an automatic search and, if it finds a match, it informs the broker and operator with contacts and all available information on the potential flight.

The broker and the operator then conclude the negotiations directly with one another and without the assistance of GetJet.

NB: It is important to note that all new empty legs flights entering the flight run a search through the brokers requests that are in a Database, so this still allows the broker a chance of a better price if the flight is in 2,3 or more days time and the client is prepared to take a chance.

Would you like to become a GetJet partner? Simply complete the short application below and a member of our team will contact you to further discuss the joint partnership.

We believe in creating something that is convenient, practical and mutually beneficial for all, whilst enhancing the reputation of professionalism within the Business Aviation market!

Our customer support is available 24/7 for you!

+7 (495) 120 04 47 or sales@getjet.com

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