The first mini-football cup for business aviation representatives took place in Moscow Sokolniki Park on the 8th of August. A challenging competition, a storm of emotions...Everybody felt the energy, not only football players but the spectators too. Who won the Cup? - read more.

Business Aviation Football Cup (BAFC) is the first mini-football cup for business aviation professionals. The event was organized by IT-project GetJet and Jet Friends Club. During 2 hours 24 football players from 4 teams were playing for the prestigious first title of the Cup Champions. Firstly in group stages, then in a play-off game. It was an absolutely “non-flying” weather, warning about evacuation due to an incoming storm! But it made our players stronger and they demonstrated great skills!

The Cup and Gold medals were won by “Your Charter Solutions” team. “Avangard” took Silver medals and Bronze medals were given to players from “Avia-football” team. The best penalty kickers were named footballers from the fourth team “Vereyka United” - Yerdos Ussenov and Ivan Artonkin

Footballers and their supporters shared and enjoyed the Burger Party in a cozy cafe near the field. We hope BAFC becomes not only a good tradition, but possibly also transforms into a big international event in business aviation. Have a look at the pictures and start preparing to the next Cup!