The first Get Jet Business Party took place in Central Moscow on March 29. The best brokers and operators in Russia attended in the event, where GetJet shown it is listening to the market and its professionals.

The Party was consisted from two parts: discussion about business aviation market trends and new products.

The main points were: where goes the market, what brokers can do in new conditions and what we are expected for. And of course what GetJet can offer to business aviation professionals in new frames.

After GetJet Launch in June 2017 it got feedback from charter brokers, which showed concerns that the tool could be used easily by direct clients. So in order to reassure the broker world that the company is serious about commitment to them, GetJet has made a few steps.

First of all the company has reassessed procedures and revamped the web page. The revamping of the web page allowed to create a new feature for private clients – It is a referral page, which leads a direct client wanting to use GetJet directly to the homepage of the top brokers. Only the top brokers using Getjet are obviously featured.

Also GetJet has recently introduced a privacy Policy to ensure that passenger data is withheld by the operator and will not be collected by the company unless required by law in an incident or accident.

The project is also launching in April its Mobile App, which will certainly make using the tool that more effective for the broker.

The second part of the evening was a great opportunity for quests to exchange impressions, experiences and just to chat. We kindly invite you to see all photos from the event on Facebook.

All this and even more you can learn during the EBACE exhibiton in Geneva in the end of May, where GetJet will attend at Booth D-69. Come and visit!