ЕС 120 Colibri

Characteristics of ЕС 120 Colibri
Aircraft type Helicopters
Flight range 720 km (447 miles)
Number of seats 4
Manufacturer Eurocopter
Cruising speed 190 km/h (118 miles/h)
Baggage space 1.10 m3 (3.61 ft 3)
Cabin height 1.25 m (4.10 ft)
Cabin width 1.35m (4.43ft)
Technical characteristics
  • Flight maximum altitude 5 100m
  • Maximum take-off weight
  • Crew 1
  • Cabin length 2.30m (7.55ft)
  • Cabin width 1.35m (4.43ft)
  • Cabin volume
  • Aircraft length
  • Aircraft height
  • Wing span
  • Engine manufacturer
  • Number of engines
Price Analytics
Flight range ЕС 120 Colibri

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