Challenger 604

Aircraft type Heavy
Manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace
Flight range 6 540 km (4 065 miles)
Cruising air speed 872 km/h (542 miles/h)
Number of seats 9-12
Luggage compartment volume 3.30 m3 (10.83 ft3)
Cabin height 1.85 m (6.07 ft)
Flight maximum altitude 12 500 m
Maximum take-off weight 21 863 kg
Crew 2-3,
Cabin length 7.77 m (25.49 ft)
Cabin width 2.49 m (8.17 ft)
Cabin volume 32.00 m3/104.99 ft3
Aircraft length 20.85 m (68.41 ft)
Aircraft height 6.30 m (20.67 ft)
Wing span 19.61 m (64.34 ft)
Engine manufacturer General Electric
Number of engines 2 pcs.
Cabin height
Cabin height 1.85 m / 6.07 ft Spacious interior, you can stand in full growth Stand
Flight range

Aircraft total weight influences the maximum duration of the flight without refueling.
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