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Aircraft type Wide-body
Manufacturer Туполев
Flight range 9 600 km (5 966 miles)
Cruising air speed 850 km/h (528 miles/h)
Number of seats 8-16
Luggage compartment volume 9.30 m3 (30.51 ft3)
Cabin height 2.15 m (7.05 ft)
Flight maximum altitude 12 100 m
Maximum take-off weight 105 000 kg
Crew 4
Cabin length 23.53 m (77.20 ft)
Cabin width 3.57 m (11.71 ft)
Cabin volume
Aircraft length 40.20 m (131.90 ft)
Aircraft height 13.90 m (45.61 ft)
Wing span 42.00 m (137.80 ft)
Engine manufacturer "ПМЗ"
Number of engines 2 pcs.
Cabin height
Cabin height 2.15 m / 7.05 ft Spacious interior, you can stand in full growth Big
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