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Why GetJet

  • An international IT project, developed by Business Aviation Professionals (launched in June 2017)
  • A professional tool for brokers & operators - exclusive membership only
  • A participant of the major events of business aviation globally
  • An effective solution for more than 100 companies
  • An active member of the International Business Aviation Organizations (RUBAA, MBAA, NBAA, EBAA)

What does the project offer?

  • Better pricing in comparison to the market average price, allowing you the broker/operator to make a higher margin
  • Productivity. GetJet allows you to be more productive, as all you need to do is to request a oneway flight through the platform and wait for the offers to be sent back.
  • Fair distribution of the cost of the flight between the two participants. The system matches flights, taking into account the type of aircraft requested, the number of passengers, flight hours and then shares the costs between the passengers.

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