The advanced marketplace that consolidates prices from operators and brokers for jets and seat rental options in business aviation. It is the platform designed and implemented by business aviation professionals to speed up, simplify and digitalize processes in charter booking as well as to deliver new and interesting products to the customers.


The marketplace optimises the most cost-effective offers through the choices of Charter, Merges, Empty Legs and Jet Sharing . A unique search engine immediately alerts a user if a matching empty leg becomes available in the schedule of our partner operators. The Jet-merge feature brings together business professionals to utilize jets effectively not only saving costs but also being more eco friendly.

Club membership

Becoming a member of GetJet Club allows you access to the various categories of bookings:

GETJETSHUTTLES - Book a seat on the scheduled route.

GETJETDEALS - Book a Jet and we resell the allocated number of seats you specify on your chartered aircraft.

GETJETSHARING - Become an initiator of a flight, choose a route, date, departure time and we then find fellow-passengers among Club’s members, who will share the charter costs with you.

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Exclusive partnerships

GetJet only partners up with accredited, trustworthy and efficient professionals of the business aviation industry.

Fully online jet-booking process

The whole jet charter procedure (from making a request to flight information exchange) is done via the web-site or mobile app.

Our customer support is available 24/7 for you!

+356 993 011 32 or sales@getjet.com