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For private clients

Request a flight through the platform via your broker and we begin to work on your request.

If you do not have a broker, we can recommend one of our partners with pleasure.

What advantages do you have on travel by GetJet?

  • Confidentiality

    Confidentiality is our top priority in relationships with customers. The platform is based on multilevel structure of data protection systems. Every piece of information received from clients is stored on highly secured servers. The participants of «merges» do not receive information about each other and are not aware who the second participant of the flight is. Through our system members enjoy comfortable and confidential travelling at discounted prices.

  • Save up to 50%

    Close partnerships with operators and aircraft owners enables GetJet’s to access schedules of aircraft and ensure that the database is constantly updated on active Empty Leg flights. Through our platform and booking an Empty leg flight, the customer save up to 50% off the regular charter price.

You save flight types:

  • Making a merge

    You intend to fly from Moscow to London. You specify the requirements and the server proposes the second participant from The Exclusive GetJet Club, who intends to travel from London to Moscow on similar dates. Both participants, you and the second person, save up to 50 %, because the aircraft doesn’t go empty on any sector!

  • Empty Legs

    Empty leg is the name for the portion of a route, which an aircraft flies empty without passengers, after the completion of the scheduled flight. Take a matching empty leg which will even divert from a planned route to meet your request. The system will search for direct or matching Empty Leg flights to your destination.

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You can create a merged flight
to find passengers for the return leg

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