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30 january 2019
Valuable facts about transatlantic flights and brokers

The market always calls the shots - Be “faster, more accurate, reliable” these are the main principles of survival of each market player in business aviation. However, if survival is already not enough, then a specialist is on the way to becoming a real professional. What would make a really good professional broker? Especially whilst working on the likes of Transatlantic flights?

US-European flights are considered the rather expensive, whilst it can be the most profitable. The average cost for a one way for example Europe - North America, 80 – 90 thousand euros (round trip costs approx. 100 - 110 thousand). As merging is a round trip cut in half, the cost of such a flight could be around 50 - 60 thousand euros. Now, having such valuable knowledge, can you imagine the competitive price you can now offer to your client? Remember: a good broker is like a chess player, always evaluates different combinations.

It becomes much more evident, when there is no any empty leg. For example when there are holidays it seems all are flying in one direction, or just on a rare. However, a good broker is like a multi armed Shiva, does all possible and at once. That’s why if you use all the available tools, including “merging” together, then the opportunity to win a flight becomes more than real. It is especially valuable if a company that actively develops partnerships with American brokers, can provide a flight through a “merge” .

A good broker like a good accountant, will always find options not to pay for what he can avoid paying for. So, additional costs are always undesirable, but NOT inevitable. If the gap between departures is 7 days or more, then overpayments for a simple plane can be avoided by picking up an empty leg or merging flights. In this case, you will not have to pay for the crew accommodation or the minimum daily use of the aircraft.

By the way, about the time. A good broker is a perfect time manager himself, he knows for sure when and what to do. So in order to cover all aspects in a timely fashion, it is important to start searching for merges as early as possible, especially for those long-haul flights, as there is a common tendency for these long haul flights to be booked well in advance.

This way the broker starts optimizing the clients’ budget and has more chance to have his/her flight combined (“merged”) with that of a suitable match! This is of course all made possible using professional tools. Since in most cases there is a considerable amount of time before the flight, you can try to hold the available option on the variants, at the same time considering possible merging. The main thing is to understand a realistic budget (an unrealistic budget is impossible to merge) with the given parameters.

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