07 may 2020
Story of the flight: Coming back from the USA to Moscow

We’ll tell you one story about how we returned a passenger from the USA to Moscow perfoming our London - Moscow flight. Yes, perhaps it sounds strange) But believe me, this can be a great life hack! A small spoiler: our team almost cried with happiness when it all ended).

So imagine: a family of expats in Moscow. He works in a well-known company, she takes care of schoolchildren. She had to go home on business, and when she needed to return, the borders had already been closed. According to the rules of business aviation, such a flight is possible (family reunion), but two points. Firstly, ordering a separate transatlantic flight is about 130 thousand euros, and for sharing, although it costs an average of 14,000 per seat, there were not enough people who wanted to. And here we come up with an excellent plan: a passenger can fly to Europe by regular airlines, it will be much easier to pick it up her from a place there.

We find in the system the nearest flights for the required date - Moscow - London. We merge our London - Moscow with it, due to which the price is excellent for both parties, because the flight to both London and Moscow will be performed by the same plane. It would seem that everything is very cool! But then the real quest begins ...

All passengers on both flights received their permissions except of our American citizen. We coordinate with customers the decision to postpone the flight to the next day. In the meantime, we again request the Federal Air Transport Agency, we ask to help the operator as well. A day later, there is no permission yet. The client on the Moscow - London flight calmly reacted to the postponing, since his schedule is flexible and it was possible to save good money with a merge. While waiting for an answer - in London one more passenger with Russian citizenship joined to our flight London - Moscow, who was immediately given permission.

Everybody felt really nervous!. We began to request all kinds of additional documents that would show not only the passenger’s right to be in Russia, but also the need to be there (this is a large family).

The plane remains for another night, the departure is reappointed for another day at 15.00. But there is no permission yet. All day before departure we tryied to think a variety of possible situations out. It's impossible to express in words what tension had the client, her family, our team and other people involved in this flight had.

And what a relief came when almost an hour before departure we were given the coveted permission! It is difficult to describe such mixed feelings that we experienced then. Probably, these were real american roller coasters!

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