01 may 2020
How to plan a postquarantine vacation? Find out about best options

Peace, Labor, May - do not take away your suitcase!

On this beautiful May day, we urge you to do just that: do not pack your bags far, because we believe that very soon the quarantine will end, the borders will open and we will be able to return to the usual rhythm of life and, most importantly, to travel!

Can I plan a postquarantine vacation now?

Yes, even necessary! Apply for a flight on the system (jet sharing) WITH OPEN DATE!

Firstly, it's free..

Secondly, the earlier the application appears in our system, the more likely it is that a full plane will be assembled in your direction and the price for a chair will be as pleasant as possible for you.

Important! You will receive the preliminary cost immediately upon application.

Well, and thirdly, how nice it is to realize that now you have plans for a vacation, right?

You can submit an application on the GetJet website, and consult by phone +7 495 120 04 47 and sales@getjet.com

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