What exactly is an Empty Leg?

This is a flight when the aircraft flies empty. Empty Leg flights can be discounted by up to 50% of the standard prices.

How does GetJet receive Empty Legs?

GetJet’s unique empty leg search engine, is integrated with operators flight planning software. Therefore, when an operator has an empty leg in their IT planning tool, it will simultaneously appear in the GetJet search engine.

What happens with your request once submitted?

The search engine will then automatically search for a possible matching flight using algorithm’s. Once a suitable match is made an automated mail is sent to the operator to request price and possible restrictions. Get Jet User then receives a push-notification that he has received an offer for his request which can be viewed in the member-area. Our automated seamless process from finding an empty leg to the actual offer received by the customer ensures that our users have a head start in booking best deals on the market.


+ Lower prices compared with the standard charter cost of a charter flight

+ The possibility for the GetJet user to upgrade the aircraft type for the trip, due to the lower prices offered vs the standard charter prices.

+ There is no difference in the actual level of service of the flight, if we compare it to the standard rented private jet other than possible time restrictions.


- Schedule restrictions at times!

- Availability of empty leg flights are normally last minute

- Cancellation terms and conditions

If you wish to find an empty leg, log in and make your request.

You can also use the search panel and press “Empty Legs”.

Our customer support is available 24/7 for you!

+356 993 011 32 or sales@getjet.com

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