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What exactly is an Empty Leg?

This is a flight when the aircraft flies empty. Such flights can be discounted by up to 50% of the standard prices.

GetJet offers all discounted flights through close partnership with business aviation operators. If there is an Empty leg that suits to your request, you’ll automatically get it as an offer.


+ Lower price compared with the average cost on the market

+ Possible free upgrades for the price of a lower class

+ No quality difference in flight and service if we compare it
to an ordinary rented jet


- Possibly less flexible with the schedule

- Such flights are not easy to find

- Strict cancellation terms

If you wish to find empty legs, make a request in your private space and best offers automatically.

You can also use the search panel and press “Empty Legs”.

Our managers are always glad to help you. Contact us!

+3 (569) 930 11 32 or

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You can create a merged flight
to find passengers for the return leg

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