Vnukovo UUWW
04.03.2022 - 06.03.2022
Al Maktoum OMDW
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5 seats left
+ -
5,500 for 1 seat
The price for a chair changes automatically with an increase in the number of reserved seats.
discount from 4 seats
Kids 2-12 years
+ -
4,400 for 1 seat
Kids under 2 years
+ -
0 for 1 seat
Transfer by Car
Transfer by Helicopter
Total cost:0
The flight includes
  • Flight attendant
  • VIP catering
  • Alcohol
  • WC
  • VIP-lounge
  • Check-in: 30 mins prior to dep
  • Luggage: up to 25 kg per passenger
  • Hand luggage: up to 5 kg per passenger
Specify the desired time of departure
Условия бронирования и
отмены SHARING
The “Customer is to pay the following penalties in case of flight cancellation - 100% of the Charter amount. Except for cases of non-agreement of documents for departure. In case of non-agreement of documents, the amount of the fine is 150 (one hundred and fifty) euros per passenger for submitting documents. If the number of passengers is 2 or more, the Charter price is returned to the passengers who were refused when approving the documents for departure, based on the cost per 1 passenger, minus a fine of 150 (one hundred and fifty) euros per passenger for submitting documents. The client is informed that Smoking on Board an aircraft is strictly prohibited. The fine for violating this prohibition is 5,000 euros. The parties have agreed  that the flight cost does not include any other additional expenses referred to the flight (such as de/anti-icing) and in case of their occurrence must be paid by the “Customer” in 1 workday from the date the respective invoice was issued. The crew commander may take any decisions referring to additional landings, plane loading route choosing in tough meteorological conditions etc. in order to assure the safety of the plane and its occupants. The airline sets the baggage allowance. In case of violation of the rules, the airline is entitled to refuse the carriage of Luggage may charge for additional baggage and is also not responsible for transporting Luggage,which is not the norm.

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