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The GetJet platform is a unique search engine, which automatically matches (merges) flights heading in opposite directions, which is aimed at maximising the usage of business jets efficiently and provides customers with up to 50 % discount, comparing to the full charter price. The platform doesn’t work with return flights or a multiple leg itinerary. The users of the service are those customers who often travel one way or that spend a long time away (where parking and over nights or repositioning the aircraft back to base become excesively expensive.

All flights through GetJet are booked with discounts.

  • Vienna, Schwechat (LOWW) Nice, Cote D Azur (LFMN)
    Cessna Mustang
    4 250
  • Berlin, Schonefeld (EDDB) Paris, Le Bourget (LFPB)
    Cessna CJ2+
    4 900
  • London, Luton (EGGW) Zurich, Zurich (LSZH)
    Phenom 100
    3 875
  • Stockholm, Arlanda (ESSA) Rome, Ciampino (LIRA)
    Cessna XLS
    12 660
  • Istanbul, Ataturk (LTBA) Nice, Cote D Azur (LFMN)
    Challenger 350
    14 900
  • Madrid, Barajas (LEMD) Dublin, Dublin (EIDW)
    Hawker 900XP
    9 660
  • Geneva, Geneva (LSGG) Kiev, Boryspil (UKBB)
    Challenger 605
    16 430
  • Olbia, Costa Smeralda (LIEO) Amsterdam, Schiphol (EHAM)
    Gulfstream G150
    8 930
  • Milan, Malpensa (LIMC) Ibiza, Ibiza (LEIB)
    Cessna XLS
    6 860
  • Malaga, Costa Del Sol (LEMG) Prague, Ruzyne (LKPR)
    Cessna Sovereign
    17 490
  • London, Luton (EGGW) Malta, Luqa (LMML)
    Cessna CJ3
    10 850
  • Riga, Riga (EVRA) Pisa, San Giusto (LIRP)
    Phenom 300
    9 145
You save flight types
Merged flights

You intend to fly from Moscow to London. You specify the requirements and the server proposes the second participant from The Exclusive GetJet Club, who intends to travel from London to Moscow on similar dates. Both participants, you and the second person, save up to 50 %, because the aircraft doesn’t go empty on any sector! Create a merge and wait for a matching flight passenger intending to fly in the opposite direction.

Empty Legs

Empty leg is the name for the portion of a route, which an aircraft flies empty without passengers, after the completion of the scheduled flight. Take a matching empty leg which will even divert from a planned route to meet your request.
The server will search for direct or matching Empty Leg flights to your destination

How to merge flights and save up to 50 % off the flight price
Save up to 50 %

Close partnerships with operators and aircraft owners enables GetJet’s to access schedules of aircraft and ensure that the database is constantly updated on active Empty Leg flights. Through our platform and booking an Empty leg flight, the customer save up to 50% off the regular charter price.

No membership fee.

Membership «by recommendation» as the core rule of the Exclusive GetJet Club ensures that all members of the Club are regular users of business jets and all requests for flight merges are real. The GetJet platform guarantees the validity of prices for all offers.


Confidentiality is our top priority in relationships with customers. The platform is based on multilevel structure of data protection systems. Every piece of information received from clients is stored on highly secured servers. The participants of «merges» do not receive information about each other and are not aware who the second participant of the flight is. Through our system members enjoy comfortable and confidential travelling at discounted prices.


You can follow on-line the actual best price for your inquiry as information on new flights is being updated constantly.

Personal account

The interface allows our passengers to place inquiries personally. You define the date, price, type of aircraft and other parameters and our platform calculates and offers all options fitting into your requirements. You can also create your travellers profile (Meals, types of wine and aircraft types they like to use for example).

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