The Exclusive GetJet Club is aimed at organizing «Merged» flights
within the business aviation community worldwide.

Become a partner
Who are its Exclusive members?
- Business aviation brokers.
- Travel agencies & Tour Operators.
What is a merged flight?
The core idea of «Merged» flights project is developing the engine of finding the customers flying in opposite directions who can rent the same jet. At the same time each participant of a «Merged» flight travels to his destination point individually.
What are your advantages of booking merged flights through the Exclusive Membership of GetJet:

Stronger competitiveness

You will start offering your customers better prices for one-way flights

Increased income

As a member of GetJet club you can save up to 50% off the price of a standard rotation flight

Free registration for partner programs (I.E. Catering)

Order placement without prepayment

How do you become a member of the Exclusive Club?
Firstly, register by completing the below
mandatory fields on our website
and get the password to your Personal Account

To do this, fill out the application form for participation in the club:

The Exclusive GetJet Club

Are you a current member of any of the following organizations
(please mark the checkbox if YES)

Manage your Corporate account:

Fill in the company’s profile

CEO of the company to complete the company’s profile for branding the letterhead in PDF- offers and flight confirmations for its customers.

CEO can add managers to the Exclusive GetJet Club by providing them with an individual login and password for entering their Personal Account. Personal information from these managers is then to be inserted in the «basement» of PDF-offers and confirmations related to flights for the customers supervised by The manager.

When the flight has been fully confirmed by the operator, our manager will contact you to
discuss payment options. We have the following payment scheme:
Your customer pays you/your company directly, the company transfers
payment to the Exclusive GetJet Club. The GetJet Club will then settle the flight directly with the operator.
We have the following options

Flights are fully managed by The Exclusive Get Jet Club

The Exclusive GetJet Club does all communication, flight details, discussions and info support for the flight.


Flights are fully managed by the operator

When the flight has been confirmed and the payment has been made to the Club we provide you with the contacts of the operator of the flight and brief you about all know limitations. Further communication and info support are done directly between your company and the operator.

Flight information
All information required for your customer is available in the “Current flight” section and can be downloaded as a PDF